Lambda (λ) calculus primer: from the basics to complete programs

lambda calculus primer

The content of these articles is also available as a full-length video: Lambda (λ) Calculus Primer!

This is the landing page for the “Lambda Calculus Primer” series of articles.

Articles (links will be updated as articles are published):

  1. What is the lambda (λ) calculus?
  2. Bound vs. free variables in the lambda (λ) calculus
  3. Delta (δ) rules in the lambda (λ) calculus
  4. Beta (β) reduction in the lambda (λ) calculus
  5. Alpha (α) conversion in the lambda (λ) calculus
  6. Eta (η) conversion in the lambda (λ) calculus
  7. Summary of the lambda calculus (λ) evaluation rules
  8. Lambda calculus (λ) reduction orders and normal form
  9. The Church-Rosser theorem and the lambda (λ) calculus

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